meMy name is Arcus Arckhebohn. I started to work with the Norse mythology around 2008. It was started with only one word: Ragnarök. The story behind it, that back then I was playing a game Ragnarok Online, and I wanted to find out why is it called like that. And when I found it out it changed my life forever. Since that time I promised that I will learn as much as I can about this fascinating mythology. I wouldn't call myself an expert as there are plenty of people around who knows a lot more than me. But I still do what I can and what I love.

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Without these people my website wouldn't be what it is now:

  • ValhallaRising, for using his writings on the website (see: downloads).
  • Cseri, for the never ending help and design suggestions.
  • N. Ágnes, who helped and still helps a lot with her advice.
  • T. Móni, for the new website ideas, and the translation of the English texts to Hungarian.
  • Weechy, for the planning of the new site, and in connection with style.
  • Viđarr, for the ideas and sources.
  • Xeronious, for creating the site I have know.
  • Elaine, for her never ending support.
  • Dora, for the ideas and the always joyful talks.
  • Salem, without her, this website wouldn't exist.
  • Kígyósy Arianna, for making the site richer.
  • Viad, for the sources.